Code p0420... Causes, symptoms and maintenance methods

Code p0420... Causes, symptoms and maintenance methods

Code p0420... Causes, Symptoms And Maintenance Methods

Code p0420 is one of the fault codes that indicates the presence of a problem or defect in the car, and in turn indicates the presence of a large percentage of harmful gases in a specific area of ​​the car’s engine. 
It is worth mentioning the task of the environment valve, catalyzer, or environmental filters, whose mission is to summarize Absorption of polluted gases resulting from the fuel combustion process in the engine; Then it is converted into less harmful gases before taking it out into the open air through mesh filters made of rhodium, platinum, and palladium. In general, the car’s exhaust system has oxygen sensors whose mission is to ensure that the environment is working efficiently through the reading of the oscillating front sensor that measures... 
The oxygen level in the environment tank, and the fixed rear sensor reading to measure the level of the air and fuel mixture appropriate for the combustion process. If these sensors are not working well, it is likely that the pollution tank will also be as well, which increases harmful emissions from the car. In this article, we will focus on talking about About the symptoms of this code and its causes in detail.

The most prominent reasons for the appearance of code P0420

  • Accurate knowledge of the reasons for the appearance of code p0420 contributes to repairing and treating the causes of the malfunction p0420, so we will list below the most prominent and common causes of code p0420 to avoid further damage: Damage to the environmental device “catalyser transformer”.
  • Malfunction in the coolant temperature sensor
  • Damaged or leaking exhaust pipe
  • Incorrect engine operation
  • Environmental oil pollution
  • Exhaust manifold defect
  • Oxygen sensor malfunction
  • Damage to the oxygen sensor wires
  • Damage to the electrical contacts of the oxygen sensor
  • Fuel injector leak
  • Air filter contamination
  • Silencer defect
  • High fuel pressure
  • Exhaust gas leakage
  • The car's computer is damaged, or needs to be reprogrammed
  • Providing the car with an inappropriate or poor type of fuel, such as using lead fuel instead of unleaded fuel

Symptoms of code P0420

When the malfunction code p0420 appears, some or all of the signs will appear in the car, and until you are sure that the malfunction is the same code; Here are the most prominent symptoms of code p0420:
  • Car check engine light (check engine)
  • Loss of power in the car
  • Slow acceleration, or the car's inability to accelerate more than 30-40 miles per hour
  • Emission of a sulfur-like odor from the exhaust pipe
  • Decrease in fuel efficiency
  • Disturbances or imbalances in the car’s performance, such as: difficulty shifting and changing gears, and a weak car engine are observed when driving
  • An imbalance in the fuel-air mixture that helps in the combustion process and running the car
  • Burning engine oil and blue smoke coming out of the exhaust

How to fix code P0420

Here we can say that we have concluded that the appearance of this code indicates a blockage of the environmental valve or catalyser, which is one of the car filters, and to solve the problem of code p0420; The following can be done:
  • Clean all parts of the car's exhaust system with a specialized cleaner, passing it carefully over all areas
  • Clear the light and code shown in the Engine Performance Monitoring and Diagnostic System and Emission System, and drive the vehicle for 15-30 minutes to check if the P0420 code returns again.

  • If code p0420 comes back in cars again; Then it is necessary to completely replace the environment valve or the catalyser, repair and maintain all problems with the ignition system, fuel, air, and problems with the engine operation process, because ignoring them will cause damage to the environment valve and the entire catalyser again.
  • Replace the engine coolant temperature sensor
  • Replace the front or rear oxygen sensor

Here, we have finished presenting the most important information about code p0420 and touched on the reasons for its appearance and its most prominent symptoms and signs. For more information about the meanings and connotations of car fault codes in Arabic, and learning about car faults that you can repair yourself; We recommend checking out Dubizzle Cars, a leading blog in the automotive field and in the UAE car market.