Reasons for a weak car engine

Reasons for a weak car engine

Reasons for a weak Car Engine

The car engine structure is known for its complex structure consisting of several important parts such as cylinders, liners, piston rings, and other parts. With the passage of time, or neglecting regular maintenance procedures and not checking the engine for a long time; These parts may become damaged or corroded over time, weakening the performance and power of the engine, however; In addition to this reason, there are several other possible reasons that may be one of the causes of weak car engine torque. We will discuss them and explain them in this article to avoid weakening the car engine as much as possible, and to take preventive measures to prevent this from happening and to maintain engine performance.

Common causes of weak car engine torque

When the car engine loses its torque and power, many problems will appear in performance, and there are several reasons for the weakness of the car engine. The problem can be diagnosed by understanding and identifying it, so we will take a broad and comprehensive look at these reasons below if you are thinking about maintaining or changing the car engine to determine what is best . For your car:

Problems with the cooling system

Dirty radiator water is one of the main reasons for weakening the car’s engine, as sediments in this fluid cause blockages in the radiator, which is supposed to cool the engine and other parts to avoid the effects of the car’s temperature rising. The presence of these blockages will contribute to the engine’s temperature rising to an abnormal level and thus weakening the engine. Its performance, so it is necessary to change the radiator cleaning fluid if you have traveled more than 160,000 km in the car, or if you have owned it for more than 5 years without changing the radiator water and cleaning its tank. You can also use radiator cleaning fluid for its benefits and useful uses, including cleaning different types of radiator water .

Old spark plugs

Old, corroded, or poor-quality spark plugs may affect; If a defect occurs in the ignition system, which weakens the power and performance of the car’s engine, and this is due to the accumulation of carbon deposits on the electrodes and thus reducing the ability of the spark to ignite, then you must change the spark plugs immediately, and it is recommended to take a look at the importance of the spark plugs and signs of their damage to understand How it works and its malfunctions.

Fuel filter clogged

Reasons for a weak car engine

The fuel filter works to filter and purify the fuel before it reaches the engine. When this filter is clogged, it will reduce the amount of fuel flow, which affects the engine’s performance and weakens it. You may notice several phenomena in this case, including: difficulty starting the engine, or loss of power in the engine. Acceleration, or the engine shutting down and not turning, are all the most common signs of damage to the gasoline filter , so it is recommended to change it immediately if this phenomenon is discovered, or by a mechanic.

Weak fuel pump

The fuel pump works to supply fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. It is necessary for this pump to be powerful enough to ensure that fuel is pumped into the engine in sufficient quantity to ensure its efficient operation. Once this pump weakens, the performance of the car’s engine will decrease, and there will be difficulty in starting the car, or a decrease in The acceleration force of the car, then the pump will need to be maintained or replaced. You can also learn about the types and malfunctions of the fuel pump in the car to be fully aware of these problems and accurately determine the causes of the car’s engine’s weak torque.

Weak oil pump

The oil pump in the car works to provide a sufficient amount of oil for the engine to operate, and its weakness and the low level of the required oil lead to poor engine performance, so it is necessary to check the oil pump in the car , and check the oil percentage periodically, because a low oil percentage in the engine is One of the reasons for the car's weak torque.

Air sensor malfunction (MAF)

Reasons for a weak car engine

The work of this air sensor is to measure the amount of air entering the engine, to provide the car’s computer with air levels in the engine that are proportional to the amount of fuel in it. To achieve the best combustion performance inside it, and when this sensor is malfunctioning or ineffective; It will cause engine weakness through fluctuation in engine speed, or the engine not rotating completely, or weak power when accelerating, and sometimes it is necessary to replace the air sensor.

Wheel imbalance

The problem of unbalanced car wheels may be the cause of weak engine torque, because the wheels in this case will cause vibrations while driving, which contributes to the dissipation of energy and an imbalance in the efficiency of transferring movement from the engine to the wheels. This imbalance can also cause an increase in consumption. fuel, and reduce the overall performance of the car, so it is necessary to adjust the wheel balance on a regular basis to avoid weakening the engine.

Exhaust blockage

Car exhaust eliminates all harmful gases from the engine, and the better the exhaust efficiency; The faster these gases are eliminated, the more the engine can resume the combustion process smoothly and quickly. Any blockage in this exhaust is one of the reasons for a weak car engine.

Weak cylinder pressure

Reasons for a weak car engine

Weak cylinder pressure causes a weakening of the engine's compression ratio, because then the cylinder will not be able to compress the air and transfer power completely to the wheels, and the vehicle will lose power during acceleration, so the cylinder must be maintained, and any leaks must be checked and repaired.

Here we have concluded our conversation about the causes of weak car engine torque. We hope that this article has been useful and has covered all the inquiries of any driver wondering about the reasons that make a car engine weak in torque, and that it has well detailed the reasons for weak car engine power. For more information about car engine malfunctions, ways to increase car engine power , and learning about car repair centers in Dubai ; We recommend checking out the Sara Auto car blog, the leading car market in the UAE.