Causes of Electric vehicle fires and how to avoid them

Causes of Electric vehicle fires and how to avoid them

Causes of electric Vehicle Fires And How to Avoid Them

Over the past few years, the demand for purchasing electric vehicles has increased significantly after they have proven their ability to cover longer distances between cities and countries. Although these vehicles feature the latest safety systems that provide reassurance to passengers, this feeling may quickly fade if their battery catches fire in some rare cases. No one wants the battery to catch fire because it may lead to the complete loss of the vehicle, which leads to the owner bearing significant financial burdens. If you don't know how electric vehicle fires happen and how to avoid them, then you're in the right place.

Electric vehicle fires

Let us now take a look at the causes of electric vehicle fires that may occur in some rare cases:

Manufacturing defects

When talking about the cause of electric vehicle fires, it is necessary to mention manufacturing defects that no one is ever surprised to encounter.

Excessive battery temperature

Causes of Electric vehicle fires and how to avoid them

If the temperature of the lithium battery rises due to hot weather, this in rare cases leads to the vehicle igniting in a way that is difficult to control. Fortunately, lithium batteries are designed to withstand temperatures of up to 150 degrees Celsius, and if they burn, it could result in damage and a manufacturing defect.

Failure to maintain the vehicle

If you neglect to maintain your electric vehicle on a regular basis, this may lead to some internal malfunctions that may cause the battery to burn out. In addition, the battery can catch fire if the driver is driving it at high speeds while constantly braking, which results in friction that generates heat.
How to Avoid Electric Vehicle Fires

Preventing your battery from catching fire is arguably the best way to avoid major loss of your electric vehicle and even protect lives. Here are some ways to help avoid your electric vehicle catching fire:

Purchase a vehicle from a reliable manufacturer

You should always purchase a vehicle from a reliable manufacturer that is keen to follow all safety standards that ensure safety and reassurance for passengers.

Regular vehicle maintenance

The vehicle owner must adhere to the maintenance times recommended by the manufacturer, which includes checking the condition of the battery.

Avoid high temperatures

Causes of Electric vehicle fires and how to avoid them

Park in a shaded parking lot to protect the car from the sun's rays, which may cause its temperature to increase significantly during the hot summer months.

Use a suitable charger

Causes of Electric vehicle fires and how to avoid them

When talking about ways to avoid electric vehicle fires, we must mention making sure to use the appropriate charger according to the manufacturer’s recommendations in order to avoid any problems with the battery.

Do not use disproportionate pieces

Using parts or accessories that are not compatible with your vehicle is one of the causes of electric vehicles catching fire, so you must be careful to choose the appropriate ones.

View the latest announcements from the manufacturer

The car owner must check the latest developments regarding car recalls from the manufacturer in order to ensure your safety and avoid any material damage.

Dealing with electrical vehicle fires

If a fire occurs in your electric car, move away from the car and call Civil Defense as soon as possible to put out the fire.

We now reach the end of our article that took a look at electric vehicle fires that, although rare, cause significant material damage. If you own an electric vehicle, be sure to maintain it regularly, use a suitable charger, and take other measures to avoid catching fire. Finally, don't forget to browse the SARA CAR blog to learn about the history of electric cars.